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Rethink your approach to fitness



At Whole Body Solutions, we use a holistic approach integrating our expertise in personal training, bodywork and functional neurology to help you with your movement, health, pain, and performance. Our integrity and our passion for the mastery of our craft give us an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and ensure that we deliver unparalleled results.


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1-on-1 Personal training

After taking you through a comprehensive full body assessment, we design customized exercise programs based on the latest health and fitness science. In our training sessions, we refine and perfect your movement techniques to ensure safety and efficiency.

functional neurology

Whole Body Solutions addresses the nervous system through the technique of Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR). P-DTR identifies and normalizes dysfunctional proprioceptive input from the peripheral nervous to the central nervous system, thereby treating the source of the dysfunction rather than chasing its symptoms.


We integrate Active Release Technique (ART), massage therapy and other clinical modalities into our training and functional neurology sessions, optimizing our ability to keep tissue healthy and mobile.

If you have any fitness goals or need help recovering from an injury, look no further than Whole Body Solutions!
— Wei D, Client